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Khan Academy


What it is: A series of videos that emphasizes self-paced, interactive learning with a large number of online lessons across a variety of subjects.

Who would love it: Students of all ages and skill levels. It is also useful for parents and teachers.

Why it’s good: Khan Academy is one of the first sites to have free, high-quality videos that are actually personal. They don’t sound like a textbook. Khan Academy is a tool that emphasizes that education doesn’t have to happen at an institution — it’s something that anyone can undertake for self-improvement.

Why it’s relevant: In addition to recently releasing a free iPad app, Khan Academy is making waves in the world of standardized testing. It launched a competition to find the best resources to help students prepare for the redesigned MCAT (which is coming this April), and they partnered with College Board to create free and open SAT prep materials for the new version of the test coming out in 2016

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